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Name:Bruce Byfield
Date:Friday February 10, 2012 11:46:20 am MST
Subject:Re: new nanday owner
Message:mallory wrote:

>i was also curious if i could change his name from sparky to
> something else.

If he responds to his name, then I wouldn't change it Doing so would only confuse him at a time when he is already undergoing major changes.

What you might do is add to his name, so that he gradually gets used to the addition without losing the security of his originalname.

> i was told he
> cant fly,

His wings may be clipped, so be careful. If he can't fly now, he might be able to in a few months. Moreover, even with clipped wings, some nandays are still able to fly to a limited extent.

> he also will
> twice a year "pack food" under his wings she said its a mating ritual
> or a way of courting a female, id never heard of this?

I've heard of other species doing this, but never nandays. However, maybe if he's been around other birds, he's picked up this behavior.

> that? also when getting him out of his cage she uses a perch not her
> finger, being its only been a day he attacks it and pushes it away so
> i leave him be bc i feel hes not fully comfortable yet am i right?

Yes, give him a week or so to adjust -- longer if he still seems nervous. Instead, feed him and talk to him and sit by him to help him start to like you.

> i just want to make sure i raise a happy
> healthy feathered friend..

If you haven't already, look through this board. You'll find a lot of reliable information here.

Good luck with your new friend, and I hope you both have years of happy companionship ahead of you.

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