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Date:Thursday February 9, 2012 8:06:18 pm MST
Subject:new nanday owner
Message:i know and have read many article on these little guys and how they can be a big chore, the big i recently got (sparky) sexed male is 4 yrs old the lady i got him from said she needed to fine him a home bc the other birds (Conures and a Quaker) would pick on him and that he would be better in a home by himself without other birds so i brought him home and this is my 2nd day having him. so far hes a blast to watch!! i was also curious if i could change his name from sparky to something else. my other concern is he has a few issues, i was told he cant fly, he has like a fear of it idk if his previous 2 years from the recent owner were bad or he had a tramatization. he also will twice a year "pack food" under his wings she said its a mating ritual or a way of courting a female, id never heard of this? any answer to that? also when getting him out of his cage she uses a perch not her finger, being its only been a day he attacks it and pushes it away so i leave him be bc i feel hes not fully comfortable yet am i right? hes quite the character tho im really enjoying him i work from home so im with him all day and night. i noticed him "dancing" so i said shake it, shake it earlier today and he shook his head back and forth and his butt, pretty cute :) i just want to make sure i raise a happy healthy feathered friend..

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