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Name:Sandra J
Date:Wednesday December 28, 2011 12:40:41 pm MST
Subject:Re: Repeated Beak Swiping
Message:My Nanday most often performs beak swiping to clean her beak after eating. When performed as a territorial display in her cage, her movement is faster, her body posture is more aggressive, and her noises before and after the behavior are more sharp or aggressive.

Once,while we were visiting my parents' house, I saw her perform beak swiping as an unhealthy, repetitive behavior over a weekend when she was in a smaller cage than she prefers (please note this was still a larger cage than the minimum recommended for Nandays). She made no other sounds while doing this act. I left a larger cage there for future visits, which seemed to solve this problem. She is used to living in an enormous cage that she adores, so the more restricted cage seemed to make her unhappy.

She sometimes uses beak swiping as a form of flirtation or affection. If she is flirting, she takes a different body posture and tilts her head in a particular way before and after beak swiping on clothes or skin. She also makes softer sounds that remind me of cooing. These acts may be accompanied by other flirting behaviors. At these times, she is more affectionate and her accompanying behaviors are more like those she performed as a juvenile bird seeking attention.

My suggestion is to look at other accompanying behaviors and changes in the environment at the times your bird is beak swiping, as there may be shades of meaning to the act itself.

Sandra J

Margaret1 wrote:
> Besides wiping excess food from their beak, beak swiping can be a
> claiming of territory/possessions, so to speak, or even a way to keep
> a beak in shape.
> My one female sun conure has a cage with a narrow door. Around the
> door is a rope perch that makes a U shape which arches from one side
> of the door way to the other side of the door way. She often hangs out
> on this arch across the front of her cage. When she is on her "porch"
> and I walk past with another bird, she will swipe her beak on her rope
> perch porch and will bite it too.
> I've also seen beak swiping as a means to keep a beak in shape. I have
> a pionus whose beak grows longer than it should. He rubs his beak on a
> pedicure perch and I've seen him trim his own beak down this way. I
> always make a big deal and tell him how beautiful his beak looks and
> what a good job he does.
> My nanday loves foot toys. She has a rubber knobbly ball that she
> adores. She also has a leather chewy type of foot toy that she likes.
> If I hold her ball in my palm face up, she'll climb onto my thumb as a
> perch and rub her face/beak all over this toy. She's affectionate and
> claiming this toy as her very own favorite thing. I've also seen her
> do this on her leather foot toys, in between a good chewing here and
> there.
> This has been my experience anyway. I hope this helps.
> Margaret

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