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Name:Sandra J
Date:Wednesday December 28, 2011 12:11:09 pm MST
Subject:Re: Hormonal feather picking
Message:When she is about to lay an egg, my Nanday picks the feathers between her legs.

Sandra J

Lottylee wrote:
> After years of this with my Nanday, I am surprised I haven't found
> another conure owner with this problem: My Nanday totally freaks out
> and pulls every feather she can reach when its egg laying time. I mean
> to the point of crying in pain when she pulls and doing it all hours
> of the night. And screaming at 2a.m.! When I first wrote, helpful
> forum-ers said she must have bugs, I changed her diet or moved her
> cage. No. This is totally due to egg laying. At this time, she is 15
> and I can't see an egg but she went crazy last night. She is pretty
> much naked after one night. Most of her feathers no longer come back.
> Just a shame. She has been put on different meds with terrible
> consequences.
> Just thought if some other owner searches for egg laying and feather
> picking, they could find me and my dear Nanday!

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