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Name:Sandra J
Date:Tuesday December 27, 2011 10:25:53 pm MST
Subject:Request cage vendor recommendations for online purchase
Message:Hello, all.

It's been ages since I've written here, so I hope you are all well.

I've decided to upgrade to a stainless steel cage for Zindor and would like to hear your opinions on current cage manufacturers and distributors, particularly if you can recommend a good company for an online order. I recently took her current painted cage apart and noticed that some paint has stared to flake off of the 406 model I purchased from King's Cages a couple of years ago. The paint was damaged in areas I could not see while conducting a normal cage cleaning. I want to find a solution immediately to ensure her safety, as I fear the flaking may spread. It was an enormous cage (46" wide, 29" deep, 6 ft. high, inside height 59", 5/8" bar spacing). She absolutely loves this size cage. compared to the two smaller cages she had before this one. I am considering stainless as I prefer not to worry about paint flaking.

I was willing to try King's Cages, again, despite the unexpected condition of the current cage, but the rep said she was no longer carrying this size cage with 5/8" bar spacing in stainless, even though it is clearly offered on their website. Years ago, someone on this Nanday Message Board recommended California Cages, but they seem to have stopped distributing online. I've conducted a number of online searches to find a replacement, but it's hard to tell who is trustworthy and truly able to deliver a safe cage. All the new cages seem to be manufactured in China, which does not inspire confidence considering recent safety concerns about other products manufactured there. I'm willing to spend the money necessary to get a good, safe cage at this size, as she is very dear to me. I would be very pleased to hear from you, if you would be willing to recommend a safe vendor.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Sandra J

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