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Date:Friday December 9, 2011 3:29:04 pm MST
Subject:Re: Treats for nanday conure
Message:If your bird is young and has never seen this eaten before, he may not realize it is a food item.  My conures all love the dried papaya.  In fact, it is what I place inside their cages when I want them to go into their cages on their own.  I just make sure they see me putting it in their cages, then I pretend I could care less whether they go in or not.  It always works.  They go in and I shut the door.
Birds are social eaters and we always share what we’re eating with our birds, as long as it is appropriate healthy food items.  So here’s what I suggest.  Take yourself a small plate of healthy goodies and get your bird and go sit at the table.  Bring some little things for your bird to play with like a small piece of paper towel wadded up in a ball or some other little “foot toy”.  Now set the bird and the toys down next to your plate and just start nibbling on your plate of goodies.  Act like you could care less if your bird eats anything you’ve got or not.  Pretend like you’re just there to watch your bird play while you enjoy a snack.  Chances are that after a few of these situations, he’s going to become curious enough to try and sneak a bite of what you’ve got.  When your bird sees you eating these items, he’ll know it is food.
Here are some other ideas for your goodie plate:  cubed organic apple pieces, shredded carrots/broccoli (broccoli slaw found in bags like the salads), cooked whole wheat pasta, cubed pieces of multi-grain bread, slices of bell pepper.  If he doesn’t touch the cubes, next time make it slices, etc.  My conures even love eating baked skinless chicken breast and grilled salmon too.  You could try just about any fresh fruit just be mindful of possible pesticide use and try to buy organic and always wash well.  My birds love grapes halved and will scoop out the soft insides and drop the outer skin.  You could try placing a couple pieces of that papaya on your goodie plate too.  Maybe you could add a few pieces of Cheerios or other toasted oat cereal or a few pieces of unsalted and not-buttered popcorn.  I might warm up some frozen sweet peas in my microwave (give them time to cool a little as the microwave can create some very hot spots on the food) and mix that up with some warm cooked brown rice (again, cooked without salt or butter) and share that with my flock.  Often, with the cooked brown rice, they eat part of the rice and leave the hull part.  Same with the peas.  They eat the inside and leave the skin.  I just save the rice and peas bird “leftovers” and mix it in with my dog’s dish.  <grin>  He loves hanging out under the bird cages for whatever they drop.
One other thing I’ll mention here is that birds are usually hungriest in the morning too.  So if you took your bird’s food away when you cover your bird’s cage for the night, you’ll have a better chance of getting your bird interested in new food items first thing in the morning.
Anyhow, I hope some of this helps you expand your bird’s horizons when it comes to eating a healthy and varied diet.

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