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Name:Bruce Byfield
Date:Monday December 5, 2011 11:22:32 am MST
Subject:Re: Treats for nanday conure
Message:Ken1 wrote:
> Just got a nanday conure from petco. Very sweet bird so far. However,
> my wife and I purchased dried papaya treats for him and he will not
> eat it. He will lick my finger after I have held the treat but he will
> not grab it and swallow it. I have cut the treat to make it easier to
> grab but still nothing! Any tips?

Possibly, the dried papaya has been too long in the store, and has lost most of its taste and nutrition. My nandays, who love fresh millet, refused to eat some emergency millet I got from a pet store, possibly for the same reason.

Other possibilities are that your bird either doesn't like papaya or that the treats are too new for him to accept it. In either of these cases, he may eventually try it, but he may take months to make up his mind.

I've found that my nandays always liked fresh fruit better than dried. In fact, if I prepare fruit early in the day, by the evening they often won't touch it.

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