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Date:Wednesday September 28, 2011 2:07:04 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Nanday fearful/aggressive
Message:Jaime wrote:
> Please husband and I are desperate. We have a nanday conure
> who is a year and a half old...and he is fearful of us. Sometimes
> he'll come out and sit and he's fine, and other times he will freak
> out suddenly and begin biting if he suspects he is somehow in danger.
> The only thing is, we aren't sure exactly what is setting him off or
> why.
> We've made a lot of mistakes with him due to poor "training"
> techniques...covering him when he screamed incessantly, moving him to
> another room. For a couple months I tried ignoring him so he would see
> that his behavior was not gaining him any attention, thinking maybe
> that was the problem. And when that didn't work, we tried taking him
> out and sitting together with him every night and offering him plenty
> of interaction. But he isn't sure about that, either. Sometimes he
> will bite or scream. We want to be with him and give him affection,
> but we aren't sure how to do it at this point, is what it boils down
> to.
> Another thing; if I eat in front of him at all, he screams and will
> not stop. I believe maybe my husband taught him this, as he is always
> giving the bird little bits of food while he is eating, however,
> feeding him does not always help the problem to stop, and I feel that
> feeding him for screaming is only reinforcing the behavior.
> In the end, it's one bad, long series full of mistake after mistake,
> even though many of them are well-meant.
> I know we've made a lot of mistakes with this bird, so what I'm hoping
> for is not a lecture, but for some understanding that we are posting
> here because we love our bird desperately and want to learn to
> communicate better with him. If anyone can offer some tips we would be
> extremely grateful...and that is an understatement.

Well the first thing is that you do know you made lots of mistakes. Now the its going to take a lot longer to correct them. Think of it have putting pebbles into a 5 gallon buck and now that bucket is full. You might want to start with just sitting by your bird with the door open and reading out loud to him/her. Let your bird come out and just hang there. You are going to have to take things really slow. You have to earn the trust of the bird. There are some good books out there on correcting behavior problems.
 Bruce is probably the best with more answers on this matter. Bruce has very good advice on all kinds of matters with Nandays.
 I know you are frustrated. Have you gotten a book on Nanday's yet? You need to learn about these wonderful birds. They are great companions. I wish I could be of more help. I got my Nanday when its about 12weeks. I went and got some books on them. I'm just not that experience in the problem areas. I have been lucky with him. Good Luck and try to reach Bruce or even Margaret.

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