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Date:Tuesday August 30, 2011 7:39:26 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Nanday Conure partner
Message:And just so that you know, Raul, suns and nandays can produce offspring. A friend of mine has a couple babies from just such a union.

I have a female sun who is friends with my female nanday and although they spend some time happily together, they each have their own cage and both seem to want their own space. At bed, they both want their own cages.

I have two male conures, a sun and a maroon belly/green cheek hybrid. They're best of buddies and spend all their time together. Sleep time, play gym time - all times together. If one hops on me, the other one wants to come too.

Then I have a female green cheek and a male dusky head conure. They want their own cage AND their own play gyms. They will hang out together nicely for about 15% of the time.

So I'm just letting you know that it will be more about the individual bird's personalities more so than what breed of conure you're putting together. A good rule of thumb is to have the birds be close in size, just in case one gets extra bossy or more aggressive. A small bird wouldn't have a chance against a larger aggressor.

The birds that get along here were not encouraged to hang out together here by the humans. They gave me body language telling me they wanted to join the other bird in their particular location. For example, years went by and one day I was passing the maroon belly/green cheek hybrid's play gym while I had the male sun conure on me. The sun was leaning in the direction of the other bird and was definitely telling me he wanted to be there. They initially kept a distance from each other while on the play gym and kept an eye on each other. (Here is a pic of that moment, about 7 years ago - ) Over the course of a couple of weeks, they gradually became friendly enough to sit close when resting. Eventually they started to preen each other. Now they're best of buddies and do cute things like "mirror imaging" each other. ( ) I don't have any other cute pics of the other "pairs" at the moment.

Anyhow, the same kind of thing happened with our female nanday and female sun. Their cages are within 4 feet of each other and one day the sun conure took a little glide over to the nanday's cage. She explored the nanday's cage and ate from her food cup. The nanday didn't seem to mind. They hang out and take naps in the same cage now from time to time, but they don't preen each other like the two boys do. Only once has the nanday went to the sun's cage to explore, and when she did she did not stay long. The sun left her alone too.

The female green cheek and the male dusky head conure were placed together by us soon after the quarrantine period ended for the dusky. They don't want much to do with the other. The dusky has been here only about a year and a half. Nothing has changed between the two of them during this time. They really don't want to hang out. They fight over food cups and the green cheek is the attacker in this "pair". Maybe as more time passes, things will change, but until then, we maintain separate cages and separate out of cage time on different playgyms for the most part. Sometimes they'll tolerate each other on a large play gym for a short period of time, but we're constantly breaking up fights and "rescuing" one of them.

That is what you have to be prepared for - separate spaces and separate one-on-one time with each bird for an indefinite length of time. Don't expect that your birds will get along automatically just because you get along with them each individually. It is ALWAYS, ALWAYS best if you let the birds choose if/when to associate with each other. Their body language will tell you when that is. There is no need to formally "introduce them" to each other and put them together just to see what they do. They will see each other and hear each other there in the house. They will know there is another bird around. If they want to "meet" in a closer environment, they will let you know. Trust me. And that could be a decision that is made years down the road too. So be patient.

Also, be mindful not to make one bird jealous of the other, if you happen to have one that is particularly attached to you. That will make them sure rivals for your attention and will decrease any chance that they'll get along nicely with each other.

I hope some of this information is helpful.

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