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Date:Friday August 26, 2011 5:05:59 am MDT
Subject:Re: my nandays feet
Message:Fifteen isn't that old, but that doesn't mean it still can't be arthritis. It sounds like you're intune to your bird, so trust your gut feelings. Something could have been done most likely while the bird was still a chick to help the feet grow and form more normally by the breeder, but that opportunity is long gone now. If you think your bird is in pain, you could talk to your trusted avian vet about what could be done, medication-wise. If you think his feet are getting worse and you're concerned, you can always talk to your avian vet about other possibilities going on with your bird.

There are other reasons your bird could have lame feet, but if you know it was from inbreeding, then it is possible the bird has developed some arthritis early. Inbred birds can be prone to more health issues. One other reasons that I'm aware of is improper husbandry. For example, I know a bird whose feet are turned in towards each other which make it difficult for her to perch. The breeder didn't clean the nest box as often as necessary so droppings caked on the baby's feet. The droppings dried and prevented the feet from properly growing. It is also possible the baby wasn't provided with perches during this time either. I know it was kept in a "hospital box" as it needed medicine and extra care for several months after the fledgling stage, I was told. Anyhow, she didn't let her feet stop her from getting around.

Neurological problems could also effect a bird's feet. So if for example, the bird took flight and hit a window pretty hard, that could affect his stability and coordination, making his feet appear not to work quite as well. I've got one of those here too and he takes a little longer to get onto his perch and sometimes he drops to the cage floor when he's trying to go up, but he's a feisty white-capped pionus for sure, and is very determined.

I've also got a bird here who has been attacked twice by another bird and had her feet bloodied up each time. She was a rescue bird and is over 20 years old now. She's feeble on her feet due, at least partly, to those attacks I'm sure. But she gets around carefully and doesn't seem to mind. Her foot will fall through the bars when she's out and about but she doesn't let that stop her from getting to where she is going.

I'm sure your bird is coping well and doesn't give its feet as much thought as you do. He's had them all his life and it is all he knows. Perhaps he's just not paying that much attention and has been a little clutzy lately.

I hope some of this helps. Trust your gut feelings with your bird and I'm sure everything will be fine.


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