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Date:Saturday July 30, 2011 5:38:59 pm MDT
Subject:Re: banded Nanday Conure
Message:Your best bet is to contact the few bird leg band manufacturers in the U.S. While they most likely won't divulge the information of the breeder who banded your bird, they may contact the breeder on your behalf to inquire whatever it is that you wanted to ask about.

For example, I acquired two birds who were obviously from the same breeder (based on the band information). I could tell they were hatched in different years, but my question was (since they were laying eggs together all the time) whether or not they were related birds. If so, I didn't want to allow chicks to hatch. If not, I could consider allowing chicks to hatch. In my case, the birds were already almost 10 years old and the breeder hadn't kept records that far back so they couldn't answer with complete confidence, but they did tell the leg band manufacturer, which in turn relayed the info to me, that "most likely they weren't related". Well, that wasn't good enough for me so these two were never allowed to hatch chicks at my house.

I was able to interpret much of the leg band information on these birds as it conformed to a national standard for that particular type of bird. I had been affiliated with that species bird club for many years. The leg band code that your friend's bird has is not a familiar code to me.

If you're just curious as to which state your bird was hatched in, the leg band manufacturer might tell you that. If you're after a name and address, you probably won't get that info. If you want to know the hatch date, the leg band manufacturer might be able to get that info for you, if the breeder has kept good records, and if so, how many years worth of records have they kept.

The two leg band manufacturers that are most popular in the U.S. are Red Bird Leg Bands and L & M Leg Bands. Do a Google Search for them and I'm sure you'll come up with contact information on them.

I hope some of this info helps.


Lawrence Herbert wrote:
> My friend has a Nanday Conure banded in Mexico, MO., at
> one year of age. It is band # FZX598.
> How to I go about finding out who banded the conure and
> where did the band come from?
> Lawrence Herbert, Joplin MO.

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