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Name:Tod Tucker
Date:Friday July 1, 2011 5:24:29 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Introducing Nandays
Message:Bruce Byfield wrote:
> Tod Tucker wrote:
> > Margaret, Thank you so much for the information. I'm now starting
> to
> > doubt whether I should be getting the second Nanday. Reagan seems
> to
> > be doing fine alone. I just wanted him/her to have company, because
> I
> > have 3 dogs. You are right, with them both being young, they may
> bond
> > very well. I, like you, hope they are of the same sex. I'm not sure
> if
> > Reagan is a male or female.
> Something you may want to consider is that nandays are a flock
> species, and may be more comfortable with other nandays around, even
> if they don't get along.
> I currently have three nandays, none of which get along very well with
> each other, and two of which have dominance battles. They are in no
> way friends, yet they call to each other if one is out of the room,
> and, if one takes a bath or goes to bed, the others soon do the same.
> Despite their personal differences, they obvious identify with each
> other, and while the lack of friendship is inconvenient for me, I am
> convinced that the interaction is good for them.

Bruce, good info! I've always read they are flock species. I think the two would eventually get along. I haven't gotten the new baby yet, and I have no idea what gender either Reagan, or the new baby are. That would help. I think Margaret is right, and they'd get along if they were either two females, or two males. Reagan is starting to really get active.

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