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Date:Tuesday April 1, 2003 2:19:08 pm MST
Subject:Conure beginner!
Message:Hi everyone

I was given a Nanday Conure for Christmas by my fiance. Her name is "Bella". She is not a year old yet. I have had limited experience with birds but have grown up with two not so sociable African Greys. I know I do my best to take care of her. I have a couple of questions to people who can help me.

She was very friendly when we got her. Her behavior has changed remarkably in the 3 months we've had her. She bites a lot, especially if it's time to put her in her cage. Also, I live with my fiance's parents and I don't know if too many people trying to handle her/discipline her is what is not working. We have tried tapping her on her beak, and putting her back in her cage everytime she bites. We were asked to blow on her face if she bit. But nothing seems to work. As a matter of fact, she bites even harder if we try to discipline her. But at other times, she is excessively cuddly and loves the attention she gets. She even bites if we try to stop her from doing things she's not supposed to.

I love her very much, but I get paranoid to take her out of her cage because it is a challenge to put her back in and also because of the biting.

Another question; Her wings are clipped but she flies a bit. I would like to have her wings grow out. Is this a wise idea? Afterall, she is a bird and needs her wings! :) Also, how/where can her beak be filed if we decide to have that done? Is this a common practice? Is it safe? Will a vet do it?

I would like to take Bella outside when the weather is nice, but I am scared that she might take off. Are there any chains with leg bands available for this purpose? If not what is the best way to take her out without a cage!

Thank you in advance!

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