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Date:Monday March 31, 2003 10:00:39 am MST
Subject:Re: Operation to make bird flightless
Message:Carolyn wrote:
> Anyone ever hear of an operation that will render a bird flightless?  
> My Nanday Conure Rascal has been clipped in all the different ways.
> She still flies with no difficulties.  Rascal has been up too many
> times and loves to go out doors in the summer.  Rascal just flies out
> the door every chance she gets a way up over the houses with no
> problem even being clipped.   She has got away on me once for two
> days and I was lucky enough to get her back. Where I live it is a
> small town and there is no aviary vet in my area.  I was told that
> there is such an operation, but there is no place to get information
> in my area.  I have surfed the net with no luck.  Anyone out there
> that knows of any good web site with information on this operation or
> even what the operation is called would be appreciated.  As I do not
> want to go into anything with my bird without the proper knowledge of
> all that entails or how it will effect my bird. Any information at
> all would be greatly appreciated thank you.
> Ya All Come Back now ya hear
> (`.) *
> `.(`.)*
> `..*
> *~*Carolyn*~*

I have never heard of this before. And I would never have this done to my bird

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