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Date:Friday October 31, 2003 9:22:19 am MST
Message:Today my heart is heavy and I grieve for a friends birds.
She had a sweet five month old caique who passed last night from Polyoma.
She had the bird for months and the bird was healthy. So how did this bird get Polyoma?

I will tell you how. Polyoma can be brought home from bird fairs and petshops on your clothes, your shoes, the toys you buy. The vet said the virus was brought in the home 2 to 3 weeks ago.  There were no new birds in the home. Three weeks ago the lady went to a bird fairs and brought home some new toys.
Now her flock is at risk. The ones at risk the most are her birds under a year old. They could easily take sick and die now.

How could she have prevented this?  Easy, always shower when you come home from places with birds, change your clothes, leave your shoes outside and throughly disinfect anything you buy there. ALWAYS quarentine new birds and have them vet checked. Adult birds can carry polyoma and show no signs of sickness.  

Do I do all that stuff when I go to a fair? No I used to leave my shoes at the door, wash my hands and change my shirt and disinfect toys that can be disinfected. Though now I will change my ways. No more toys that can not be disinfected, showers for everyone before they are allowed near the birds.

Last night a bird died through innocent mistakes. Things alot of us never think about. Hopefully this tragedy can save lives. Please be aware of what you can bring home to your birds. Nothing is more heartbreaking than to watch your beloved bird die from something that could have been prevented.

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