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Date:Sunday March 30, 2003 1:12:20 pm MST
Subject:I need more ideal
Message:I have had Whispers for about 2 months now. I got him from a breeder that I went to see her birds to buy a baby green cheek that I could feed out. She didnt have any yet. She I could come see her birds. So I did and there was Whispers, I felt so sorry for him just sitting by him/her self. I ask about that nanday over there. She stating telling me his storying, it went like. He was about three year old, his wings were broken by getting kick out of the nesting box when he was a baby. And she hasnt had the time to mess with him in over a year. I was taking him home. At that point I fell in love with this bird. So I took him home named him Whispers and hope he was a boy. And Whispers could go for a girl too. So now he has a big big cage and alot of toys. All she fed him was seed, crackers, granola bars, And sometimes apples, It took a few days to get started eating veggies and pellets with his seed. He now likes his bath , He took his first bath last week. He has better balance now that I cut his wings. He has started to play a little with his toys now. He is starting to act like a bird. I am using the up command and most of the time it works without him really biting me and bring. I dont get upset with because of his wing, think it because of his balance. I would like know how to get Whispers to let me pat and hold him. I just cant seem to get past this. He will let me touch him with my lips put not my fingers. He seems so afraid of my hand. Please help. I love him so much. He will sit on my shoulder, he loves my face, but hates my hand.

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