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Date:Tuesday November 6, 2007 3:33:08 pm MST
Subject:Love my parrot and need real good advise
Message:Our Nandayus (Pipsie ) is with us in Toronto for the last five years. Until a year ago she went with us every year to Florida to winter. She is the most loving bird anybody could imagine. Wakes up in the morning at 7 then taken by me or my wife to the bathroom, after ritual of kissing she sits on her perch and within one minute poops on the paper under her. Then back to our king size bed and crawling under the blanket for an hour or so. We try to leave her alone and little as possible, we are together with her for at least 7 hours on a daily basis. She is free flying in our apartment and enters her cage at 7 pm. She will not poop if taken to "her place" in the bathroom every 40 minutes or so. She was never clipped. Our windows in our apartment on the 27th floor are protected, she can't fly out (she probably wouldn't). When we are at home she seldom is noisy although it may happen without reason that we detect. She does some tricks, speaks very little but can express herself clearly. Every morning she gets her salad (chopped greens and carrots frozen and in the microwave for 30 seconds) then we add some sesame seeds, chopped walnut, two small cur raisins and crumbled buckwheat not cooked noodles after mixing sprinkled with protein powder. She gets it every day and has in her large cage pellets and fresh water as well as whole romaine leafs

We are 76 years old and wonder how we can find for this exceptional loving bird a home that could offer her continuation of the life she is used to have and with lots of love.
Thanks very much for any suggestion!

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