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Date:Monday November 5, 2007 12:16:55 pm MST
Subject:Re: Painting and fumigating and side note
Message:I dont know anything about the cage mite killers other than you shouldnt use them. I have seen it repeatedly on here. As for the bird, what makes you think he has mites? It is rare with a Nanday.

Laughing Owl wrote:
> Hi all: Does anyone know how long birds have to stay out when you
> paint or let off bug bombs. I know these are big no nos. However, I
> live in a approx. 200 year old house when nothing is square and wall
> tend to crack and need replacing. And just about every spider in the
> area has taken up residence from basement to attic (4 floors). I do
> know that everything has to be wiped down after. I use vinegar and
> water.
> Yes, I know I should consult and avian vet, but mine doesn't fill me
> with confidence. Although the foraging video he let me buy for $20
> was well spent. Since we feel Hootie's foraging station does keep her
> occupied when we're not able to be with her. For a wild rescue she
> doesn't show signs of feather plucking other than the ordinary
> preening and of course molting this time of year. When the hormones
> make Her a tad cranky.
> Lastly, does anyone know about the little, round, white bird bug
> remover, you hang on the cage. I bought a few of them, but how safe
> are they and do they really help. With all the warnings about ...
> well just about everything with Nandays, I'd like people to weigh in
> with whether they use them or not, ups and downs, give me your two
> cents worth.
> Thanks to all,
> Laughing Owl

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