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Name:Margaret Madison
Date:Friday November 2, 2007 6:32:20 pm MDT
Subject:Re: New cage for old bird
Message:I think you'll be surprised at how well your nanday adjusts to its new cage, despite of how long its has spent in the familiar surroundings they are used to. The new food cups shouldn't even be much of an issue.

Many nandays are content with cages that are smaller than what you'd expect to house a nanday in. The more time the bird spends inside its cage every day makes more of an impact on cage size. I have a nanday who loves her cockatiel sized cage. She spends almost all her time every day unconfined anyhow. In the wild, parrots chose nests that are much smaller than the average captive parrot cage anyway. It depends on your daily routine.

If your bird has more than one area where it spends much of its time each day, the actual size of the cage, which is basically a sleep cage or safe spot when nobody is home, matters less. If your bird spends most of its time in its cage, it is likely to want to remain there, even if you try to introduce it to a new acceptedly safe area.

My nanday has several places where she spends time during the day and she has toys on the inside and outside of her cage. The more variety, the less anxiety your bird will feel. If your bird is very anxious, be understanding of that and don't push too much change on them too quickly.

The way I get my fearful birds used to new things is it let them see "it" (the fearful item, cage, toy or whatever) from a distance across the room first. After a few days I might move it closer to the bird's general every day area. Of course, the bird might have to be preoccupied first - for example, sitting on a playgym enjoying fresh healthy foods (which are devoured here) while I quietly add a new toy to a cage near the "sleep cage" (in essence, another area visited temporarily daily and in view of the sleep cage). Let the bird approach the new item on its own.

I can attest that this has worked many times over with my flock of more than a couple dozen parrots.

Margaret Madison

Paula wrote:
> I just wonder the best way to go about introducing a new cage to my
> Nanday, Cuddles. Cuds had been in the same cage all of his 19 years
> of life. It is time to put him in a new cage. I have been unable to
> find a cage exactly like his old one so I got one that is a little
> bigger. I have set the new one next to Cuddles for him to look at and
> get used to it. My plan is to have it next to him for a week and then
> start putting him in the new cage for a short period of time a day
> and gradually increase the amount of time each day until I can see
> that he is comfortable in the new cage. What do y'all think? I
> welcome any and all opinions.
> Paula

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