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Date:Friday November 2, 2007 6:17:34 pm MDT
Subject:Re: First day at home
Message:If you have had other birds too, it won't be too much different. I have to smile at your question though, but the only way to answer it is to be able to know your individual bird's personality. I know how you feel though and conures are also my favorite parrots too. No matter how much you think you know, when you bring home a conure it is like everything is new again. <smile>

I haven't followed your story or anything but if you've been visiting this baby and developing a relationship over the past few weeks, you'll at least already be acquaited when your smart little companion arrives home.

Be prepared for an interactive friend who will look forward to your arrival home each day. Invite your baby to share healthy dinner with you each night. Be prepared to let them spend four hours or more each day outside its cage. Give it the love and respect you would any other family member. You'll have a long lived companion.

Sapphire2 wrote:
> I am going to bring my Blue Crown home this next weekend. Is there   
> anything out of the ordinary that i should do the first day that he
> is home?
> Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks again :)

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