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Date:Wednesday October 24, 2007 8:14:01 pm MDT
Message:This morning, our "clipped" Pippy took flight as I was taking out the trash. He flew up and over the 2 story house and into another part of the neighborhood. I ran to the backyard and started answer. Finally after about a minute...I heard his reply. Squawk he said, over and over and over. So each time I called him, he replied. I went out to walk and try and locate him. When I got to the area where I thought he was, I called again...he had taken flight elsewhere...but more near our house. I went back into my backyard and called. He responded from our tree in the backyard. A very large cottonwood. I was able to spot him amidst all the falling leaves and he was hiding behind a set. I called my wife as he takes more to her than he does me. She came home for about an hour and was unable to get him to go anywhere else. So from 10:30 until about 4 he remained in the same branch. I kept an eye on him most of the day....periodically taking a breather...getting water...going to the bathroom...etc. As I was sitting outside, I turned my back for a second and he flew to another branch, closer to the house. I hopped on top of the roof and took a seat where I could see him clearly. Keep in mind, throughout all of this....there's no way to get a bucket truck in the backyard...couldn't get a hold of any tree climbers (the trunk where he was was too thin to climb anyways.) and calling the fire dept was out of the question. on top of the roof we called to each other. I decided to try and play a game..."turn my back and try and catch me." After a couple tries, he flew to my shoulder. Talk about a scare and talk about being lucky. It is a testament that prayers do work and the bond that you make with your bird is very important. We've had Pippy for less than a year and he flew back to me. Hallelujah!

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