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Name:Carole J
Date:Sunday October 21, 2007 9:03:02 am MDT
Subject:Re: Nanday Conure Parrot
Message:Rosemary southard wrote:
> Hello: i would like some advice on my nanday conure parrot. His name
> is sweetie. He is 23 weeks old. very loving parrot. the instant he is
> taken out of the cage, he goes flying. He always comes back to me, but
> he just likes to fly too much. i constantly pay attention to him and a
> good diet every day,when he is out of the cage when he flyes back to
> me he loves being on me but without warning he flyes. is there any
> advice to calm him down to where he does not fly so much?? any advice
> would be welcome. thanks
The only thing I could suggest is to clip his wings or get them clipped by a professional at an avian veterinarian's office. Here is just an interesting story for you. My Nanday took off out the door of my townhouse last Thursday and circled all the way around the building and came back to my screen door and clung to it until I ran over to him and picked him up in my hands to secure his wings until I could promptly get him back inside. Boy was I lucky. I thought for sure he was a gonner! My heart instantly sank to the ground when he did this. I thought I would never see him ever again. I instantly clipped his wings (by the way, he still is able to fly quite well with them clipped) but I think it took some of the wind out of his sails. I just can't chance him getting away like that again. If you do decide to clip your bird's wings yourself, only clip about the first outside 4 or 5 feathers, and don't clip into the covert feathers (the smaller ones) above the big wing feathers. I just use a regular scissor and make sure none of those flight feathers are blood feathers.

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