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Date:Friday October 12, 2007 8:46:08 pm MDT
Subject:Outside Cage
Message:Hi, I just acquired my 2nd Nanday, Pekaboo. My 1st, Dudley, was my little love. I purchased him as a baby, & he was already bonded with me before we even arrived home!! Unfortunately, he died at only 3 years old. Vet never really found out why, even after tests, but I think he died of mercury poisoning. He used to peck at a mirror that was on a wall in my backyard. Now 8 years later, I finally got another Nanday. My question: I'm wondering if it's OK to keep him outside all the time? He has a large cage, which is on my lanai (I live in Florida). Of course, if the weather gets bad, I'll bring him inside. It's just that my husband can't tolerate the loud screeching that is so common with these birds. Has anyone had any issues with keeping there bird outside? His cage is up against a sliding door, so he can see us all the time.

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