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Name:Laughing Owl
Date:Wednesday October 10, 2007 10:28:12 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Nanday Conure Parrot
Message:Hi Rosemary: My rescue, Hootie, also likes to fly and although there are several philosophys out there about clipping,not clipping. I found that clipping Hootie shows some remarkable restraint in aggressive behaviors. We've only clipped once so far, but are aiming for it again. She becomes much more subdued in behavior (attacking visitors, etc.) We are blessed that Hootie isn't pulling out feathers or other behaviors that usually come with a wild rescue. We've also created a foraging station to keep her busy when we're not able to be with her. Hope this helps.

Laughing Owl

Rosemary southard wrote:
> Hello: i would like some advice on my nanday conure parrot. His name
> is sweetie. He is 23 weeks old. very loving parrot. the instant he is
> taken out of the cage, he goes flying. He always comes back to me, but
> he just likes to fly too much. i constantly pay attention to him and a
> good diet every day,when he is out of the cage when he flyes back to
> me he loves being on me but without warning he flyes. is there any
> advice to calm him down to where he does not fly so much?? any advice
> would be welcome. thanks

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