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Date:Friday October 5, 2007 6:18:15 pm MDT
Subject:Re: going away without birds
Message:Janice , it is not a good idea to treat these birds like you can leave them like this. It is unhealthy for them in every respect.
      Birds need companionship with their people much like your dog, not your cat.

> Hello, and let me take the chance to thank all of you who have ever
> helped me in the past. This is a great place to find answers to all
> bird questions.
> I have 2 keets and a Nanday. All of them are old. We want to go on
> vacation but I am wondering just how the birds will be if we are
> gone. Of course I will find someone to stop by to take care of their
> needs twice per day but still I am worried they may be sad or fearful
> when their family is not here. Does anyone have any insight on this
> topic? I am the third owner and have had them for just about 3 years.
> I also have a dog who will go with us. Will they miss my dog too?
> They all get along well with each other. My Nanday doesn't like
> strangers!
> Thanks!

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