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Name:Laughing Owl
Date:Thursday September 27, 2007 10:15:56 pm MDT
Subject:Painting and fumigating and side note
Message:Hi all: Does anyone know how long birds have to stay out when you paint or let off bug bombs. I know these are big no nos. However, I live in a approx. 200 year old house when nothing is square and wall tend to crack and need replacing. And just about every spider in the area has taken up residence from basement to attic (4 floors). I do know that everything has to be wiped down after. I use vinegar and water.

Yes, I know I should consult and avian vet, but mine doesn't fill me with confidence. Although the foraging video he let me buy for $20 was well spent. Since we feel Hootie's foraging station does keep her occupied when we're not able to be with her. For a wild rescue she doesn't show signs of feather plucking other than the ordinary preening and of course molting this time of year. When the hormones make Her a tad cranky.

Lastly, does anyone know about the little, round, white bird bug remover, you hang on the cage. I bought a few of them, but how safe are they and do they really help. With all the warnings about ... well just about everything with Nandays, I'd like people to weigh in with whether they use them or not, ups and downs, give me your two cents worth.

Thanks to all,

Laughing Owl

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