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Date:Tuesday March 25, 2003 10:17:51 pm MST
Subject:Re: conure problems
Message:Jeannie wrote:
> My conure lost all the feathers on her belly and partially on her
> back.  I took her to my vet and he said that she's a feather picker,
> the problem is my husband and I never see her picking them.  My
> relationship with her is a rocky one, she loves to bite me.  I put
> her on the patio everyday (screened in).  We have a huge waterfall in
> the back yard and bird feeders so all day she can watch the other
> birds. I buy her new toys all the time and hand feed her sporadically
> throughout the day. My question is whether she could have something
> else that causes feather loss?  If she is picking herself does that
> mean she's unhappy??  I don't know what more I can do.  Any help
> would be appreciated.

 Feather picking can be caused by many different diseases as well as boredrom and habit and stress. there are so many causes that it's a long list

Did your vet do any cultures?? any bloodwork??
 Giardia I know is one cause and it can sometims come back as a false negative if the tests are not done on the right section of poops  or of it's not a really fresh sample. Usually a vet at least those I have known will sometimes treat for this even when the tests come back negative.
There are also other diseases they can have that can cause feather issues
 you can do a search at on diseases of parrots
if the vet did not do cultures i would see another vet

Of course you also have to sit and think has anything at all changed in the bird's environment that could have caused her to start a bad habit from being stressed or bored
has the cage been moved anything added near that cage? yes that may sound silly but i have seen birds act up because of a new lamp or a change in furniture.
has the bird's favorite person been spending less time with him (or her) maybe longer hours at work or something.
 has any thing in the diet changed? any new toys?
has he got lots of things to keep him/her busy? is she home a great deal alone? in the cage a great deal?

I hope these are all helpful Let me know how if I can be of more help
there is a group on yahoo calld  Pickin Parrots they may be of more help as well


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