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Date:Tuesday March 25, 2003 9:46:36 pm MST
Subject:Re: nanday conure
Message:Hello Sandra
 i believe maybe he Just may be a She and may be egg bound from the description
 This is serious and is the cause of many deaths in birds i know that its a long ride but it's a trip that sounds like you may have to take.
 If you email me your location I can see if I can locate something closer to you if possible. No promises but maybe there is somthing closr that can assist you
I want to say before going further i am NOT a vet i am just a bird owner and rescuer an i have in the past bred lovebirds these are MY own experiences that have been successful to me I also want to say i hav lost two birds to egg binding one i caught to late to help the other I had NO clue what it was and what to do as I was very new to birds then
After those two losses i started making sure that we got to the vet an no messing around
Either way These are temporary suggestions till you can get to the vet PLEASE make that trip
Till you can get her to a vet put her in a Quiet relaxed dimly lite place where she can sit an relax this somtimes helps

also you can hold her over a steaming hot bath NOT letting her touch the water but so that her bottom relaxes and just may help her pass the egg. a little oil massaged at the vent can help if you can see the start of the egg as well CAREFUL not to push to hard as breaking the egg inside of her will kill her.
tts best to hold her over the baths like every 20 minutes for about 10 to 15 minutes
make sure she has a cuttle bone an mineral block in the cage
give her millet an let her relax
maybe in a relaxed state she will be able to concentrate and lay
there is a article on I think it's Birdsnways
 that explains about making a hospital cage
place a heating pad under the edge of the cage wrap towel around etc
PLEASE again i can not stress enough how important it is to go to the vet

Please feel free to email me

Good luck

Sandra wrote:
> The nearest avian vet is 300 miles from where I live. I think my bird
> has something wrong. I dont know whether it is male or
> was given to me by someone who couldnt stand the noise...His/her,
> tummy is swelled around the rectum..... this has  never happened
> before in the 3 years Ive had him. Is he constipated? Is he going to
> lay an egg? Where can I find out what is wrong without an avian vet?
> I need I help. I love him and certainly dont want anything to happen
> to him. Has anyone ever seen this in a nanday conure?

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