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Date:Tuesday March 25, 2003 3:06:04 pm MST
Subject:Re: nanday conure with a Macaw
Message:Issom wrote:
> How are these birds with other birds i had my Macaw for 2 years and
> hes an angle i recently got a nanday conure and this bird is so cool
> i was wondering if they can share cages with macaws?
> thanks also any training tips are welcome my bird doesnt seem to like
> to be hangled

well I really really wouldn't advise putting them in the same cage... but as long as they're out and they get along and you're watching them AT all times and I mean that really...but since they weren't raised together it would be better to maybe put their cages NEXT to each other and let them see one another...but putting a smaller bird in a bigger birds TERRITORY is dangerous because even if you think your macaw won't be mean you never know when there are other birds around...your macaw could kill your nanday in I ask you to take VERY much caution when they are out together

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