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Date:Thursday May 3, 2007 1:31:48 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Oops...
Message:Yeah, but then we'd all have to signup through some sort of service.

That's a neat travel carrier you described. I am still waiting on a special-made plexi-glass one. It has some neat features, so I'm hoping it's ready soon! I also have a pet-pocket for Mandy which she's been in a couple of times for mall-walks... it's not the greatest for car travel, however. A three-point seatbelt has to be used as only a lap-belt for it to work with the PP... but the PP is GREAT once you actually get out and walk around with it! Oooh yeah and I bought a flight suit too, but Mandy hates it. We struggled for some time actually just last weekend but alas, she won out with several gold-star bites and so the flight suit remains unused. I'll have to one day pick Linda's or anyone else with tons of experience using them on how to convince my Mandy girl that the flight suit is a GOOD thing!

Anyway, thanks for the posts Mahlikah! ;-)

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