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Date:Monday April 30, 2007 4:03:43 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Foraging
Message:That sounds fascinating. Let us know how it goes. I have to be out of the house sometimes for hours, and it sounds like an adaptation of that idea might be a good one for us, too. Thanks for posting it.

Laughing Owl wrote:
> We recently bought a DVD from our avian vet called a "Captive
> Foraging, the next best thing to being free" by M. Scott Echols, DVM,
> Dipl ABVP-Avian Practice. This is also available on
> Learn How to: Understand the natural instinct of all animals to
> forage; Redirect this energy in a captive bird to prevent unwanted
> behaviors; Build a foraging tree for a bird in a home, zoo or other
> captive situation; create foraging toys-from basic to advanced-to
> keep birds occupied and happy
> In my limited experience I found the info fascinating. It makes sense
> that this is what birds do in the wild. Although the poor bird that
> demonstrated was plucked nearly bald, I understand that birds who are
> bored over preen and can damage feathers so badly they won't grow
> back.
> I started doing the preliminary foraging with Hootie. She has an area
> in our room with a little jungle gym, I started showing her that I was
> wrapping nuts, seeds, berries, whatever in paper and placing them
> inside little rawhide twists or in various places on her play gym.
> She seems to have taken to it "the basic, beginner toys" pretty fast
> and it keeps her a little more active while I'm out of the room or
> away at work for a few hours. Haven't made her tree yet, just bought
> extra dishes and starting to make toys. They recommend 5-7 feeding
> stations on different branches with small amounts of food, then
> graduate to hiding food in paper or little toys so they have to work
> or shred to get to the prize. The feeding station shouldn't be above
> the head of the shortest person in the house barring children. It's
> very interesting.
> What I hope to accomplish with this is to make it more of a natural
> environment for her, looking/foraging for food instead of just eating
> it out of a dish and lesson her independence on me for companionship
> 24/7. I'll let you all know how it progresses.
> Laughing Owl

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