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Name:Laughing Owl
Date:Sunday April 29, 2007 7:52:14 pm MDT
Subject:Re: How long have you had your bird?
Message:Bill: Kodiak and I are deeply sorry for the loss of your beloved family member. From our beliefs, we know that on the other side all our loved ones from this life and others come to greet us when we cross over. This includes pets. I laugh and cry when I think of all the people trying to get through the swarm of cats, dogs, birds, turtles, guinia pigs, hamsters, etc. that I've had in this lifetime never mind multiplying it by the 10 or so lifetimes that I know I've had. But believe me I understand the pain of losing a family member after so many years.

I've been a member of Hootie's flock since she came to us in September. I believe she's just over a year. She's a wild rescue.

From what I've learned in my crash course in the last few months is that they can live anywhere from 35 to 45 years. Always going through my mind who will care for Hootie when I cross. I'm 47 now.

Love, white light, and laughter, Laughing Owl & Kodiak

Bill wrote:
> My conure, Ava, just past away on Friday. He started to develop some
> sores on his back and the feathers would stopped to grow back over
> the past 6 months.   We had him for 25 years.   Lots of good memories
> and a member of the family.   I will miss him greatly. He did not like
> the cage.   He would sleep in the bathroom drawer and loved to chew
> cereal boxes.   How long have others had their conures?   What is the
> average life expectacy for a conure?

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