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Name:The Baker's Birdhouse
Date:Sunday April 29, 2007 4:36:20 pm MDT
Subject:Re: How long have you had your bird?
Message:Oh I'm so sorry for your loss!
I'm new to conure ownership, I've only had Riddle for a week. I've had a lovebird Tiki for almost a year.
So far I've seen everything from 25 to 45 years in books and on websites, so I'm still not certain of an accurate life expectancy.

Bill wrote:
> My conure, Ava, just past away on Friday. He started to develop some
> sores on his back and the feathers would stopped to grow back over
> the past 6 months.   We had him for 25 years.   Lots of good memories
> and a member of the family.   I will miss him greatly. He did not like
> the cage.   He would sleep in the bathroom drawer and loved to chew
> cereal boxes.   How long have others had their conures?   What is the
> average life expectacy for a conure?

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