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Date:Sunday April 29, 2007 8:58:19 am MDT
Subject:Re: Hazel nuts
Message:Margaret1, yes, I do and always did know after Anna laid her first and only clutch that they don't need a male. The hint about fertile eggs as a possibility was only a concern if the Jenday and Nanday crossbred, meaning- Anna won't let the Jenday anywhere near her.

THe other information is definately something I really did need to know.
Now I can relax and not be concerned about it. My flock is doing well.

Thanks so much Margaret: It has been a very long time since you've been on the board. Glad to see you haven't left us after all.

We learn so much from each other here.

> Linda, you should know that a hen doesn't need a male in order to lay
> eggs. Whether there could be a problem due to your hen being egg
> bound, it has been my experience that an at-risk hen would lay 18 or
> so eggs in any given quarter (time period). The hens that laid the
> most eggs excessively would be most at risk and they'd make their
> plight obvious (panting, swollen underside - for months prior to
> death). What is most important is to watch your bird, look for the
> swollen underside and act upon first indication that something might
> not be right. I don't think you have anything to worry about yet
> though.
> Mahlikah wrote:
> > The only dumb question is a question unasked....
> > ANYTHING is possible when you've got hens when it comes to egg
> > laying;
> > as long as they get plenty of calcium as I've learned from
> studying
> > on reading and from the professional breeders around by word of
> > mouth, there shouldn't be great worry about egg laying.
> > The only worry is when egg laying is to happen, and the shell of
> the
> > eggs are a little on the soft side, and end up breaking inside the
> > hen due to lack of calcium....anyway, I think Bruce is the one to
> > further explain, especially the emergency of what to do if a
> female
> > is possibly "egg bound".
> >
> > > Dumb as this question sounds.
> > > is there a chance even though I gave her "mock eggs, that she
> > could
> > > have eggs inside? and risk egg binding still?
> > >
> > > there is little chance the eggs would be fertile since both
> > nandays
> > > are hens. The Jenday is a male, but Anna won't let him within 2
> > feet
> > > of her.

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