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Date:Saturday April 28, 2007 6:25:24 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Hazel nuts
Message:The only dumb question is a question unasked....
ANYTHING is possible when you've got hens when it comes to egg laying;
as long as they get plenty of calcium as I've learned from studying on reading and from the professional breeders around by word of mouth, there shouldn't be great worry about egg laying.
The only worry is when egg laying is to happen, and the shell of the eggs are a little on the soft side, and end up breaking inside the hen due to lack of calcium....anyway, I think Bruce is the one to further explain, especially the emergency of what to do if a female is possibly "egg bound".
> Dumb as this question sounds.
> is there a chance even though I gave her "mock eggs, that she could
> have eggs inside? and risk egg binding still?
> there is little chance the eggs would be fertile since both nandays
> are hens. The Jenday is a male, but Anna won't let him within 2 feet
> of her.

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