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Date:Saturday April 28, 2007 3:39:17 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Question about Soap
Message:The Baker's Birdhouse, please visit

This is one of our experts websites that should help you answer your questions.

The other thing: Remember: our birds are our natural baramaters of life.

If it isn't good for a bird, it probably isn't good for us either unless of course we are talking about soap and water.

We all need that.

> In reading through the back posts I've noticed where it has been said
> several times that the remnants of soap on things that have been
> washed can hurt birds. I'd always been taught to wash things like
> dishes and cages thoroughly with soap (dish soap) rinse very
> thoroughly and dry completely (particularly fruit/veggie cups) so
> this is a new one on me...
> I mean, i have assumed that large amounts of residue (like if you
> didn't rinse well) would hurt them, but these posts make it sound
> much more serious.
> So, since I like to check things for myself a bit, I'm wondering if
> any of you could provide me with some sources for info (books,
> websites, anything)-- not trying to be skeptical, I've just found it
> better not to trust any but my vet's word on birdie advice without a
> lil research of my own as well :) and sometimes I even get a second
> opinion on him lol
> and I also have a further Q
> If it's that dangerous, what about soap residue on our hands??? Could
> my Nanday get sick from 'preening' on my fingers after a hand wash?
> Even if my hands seemed to be rinsed well and are completely dry?
> That's really scary because I always wash my hands before handling my
> birds!
> I saw one person suggesting a vinegar mix, does anyone have any other
> things they use instead of soap?

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