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Name:The Baker's Birdhouse
Date:Saturday April 28, 2007 12:53:35 pm MDT
Subject:Question about Soap
Message:In reading through the back posts I've noticed where it has been said several times that the remnants of soap on things that have been washed can hurt birds. I'd always been taught to wash things like dishes and cages thoroughly with soap (dish soap) rinse very thoroughly and dry completely (particularly fruit/veggie cups) so this is a new one on me...
I mean, i have assumed that large amounts of residue (like if you didn't rinse well) would hurt them, but these posts make it sound much more serious.

So, since I like to check things for myself a bit, I'm wondering if any of you could provide me with some sources for info (books, websites, anything)-- not trying to be skeptical, I've just found it better not to trust any but my vet's word on birdie advice without a lil research of my own as well :) and sometimes I even get a second opinion on him lol
 and I also have a further Q

If it's that dangerous, what about soap residue on our hands??? Could my Nanday get sick from 'preening' on my fingers after a hand wash? Even if my hands seemed to be rinsed well and are completely dry?
That's really scary because I always wash my hands before handling my birds!

I saw one person suggesting a vinegar mix, does anyone have any other things they use instead of soap?

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