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Name:Lisa M.
Date:Friday April 27, 2007 8:23:08 am MDT
Subject:Jack update
Message:Hi everybody! Remember me? I joined the board about a month or so ago when we rescued "Jack" because my mother's neighbor passed away and left him....My last posting was that we were going away for a week. Well Jack survived, although obviously a bit miffed when we returned, but pretty briefly. I missed him every day we were gone! You will get a kick out of this--my friend who came every day to take care of my animals joked that she has been taking care of my animals for years and that it took her as long to take care of Jack per my detailed instructions as it took for the cats, turtles and fish combined! I spent an hour washing and pealing veggies and fruits for him before I left, all labeled in the fridge. I guess I have spoiled him already! Anyway, he is doing well in general. I give him the option to leave his cage at least for a while every night, but he often chooses not to. He will sometimes come to the door and peek out and test he edge with his foot, but most of the time scoots back in. He won't step up on my finger, so if he does come out and fly to my shoulder or head it is hard to get him back in...any suggestions? The funny this is, when I do close the door he runs up to it crying, like "Oh, don't shut it, I'll come out..give me another chance, PLEASE!" He is learning to dance and continues to pick up after himself when he drops something. He is also playing with his toys! I've been reading the new posts every day and learning, identifying and laughing with you all. Thanks! Lisa

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