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Date:Saturday April 14, 2007 7:37:30 am MDT
Subject:Re: Message To Uri by Enyar
Message:Enyar wrote:
> Hi Uri
> Would just like to give you a little bit of a moral boost. You
> mention that lovely pips hardly talks. We tried for 2 years with
> Hudson, then one day, he came out with a whole host of things! Hello
> Hudson, No bite, Night Night, Peep peep, Hello Paul (my b/f) and a
> few more when he feels like it. Now he won't shut up LOL Keep faith,
> because one day pips will reward you. :)

Great boost and increased hope. She, Pipsie, no qusetion "talks" but only I and my wife can encipher her present language. She tries very hard to please us with additional words and I thank you Enyar for strengthen our hope with your own experience. Although we have our Nanday already four years, our experience with birds in general is very limited and every experience shared with us is a precious jewel! Thanks Enyar,

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