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Date:Thursday April 12, 2007 6:57:50 pm MDT
Subject:Re: from Sandra To Uri
Message:Sandra J wrote:
> Hi, Uri.
> After reading the wonderful story about Pipsie selecting you and your
> wife as her family, then reading the amazing hoops you have jumped
> through to travel with her between Canada and the US, I became quite
> convinced that you are devoted enough to your bird to do everything
> possible to retrain Pipsie not to bite your wife.
> Hello again Sandra,

How kind of you to share with me your experience and knowledge you have with your Zindor. It is amazing what your little angel can perform. The click is good and we tried to use it for a while. This was some two years ago and since, Pipsie revealed that he very easily can learn, just to try to please us. A food bribe helps, but petting her under her wings seems to be as good. Pipsie lifts her right leg when showing her a sunflower seed with the left hand and she lifts her left leg when showing her that seed with the right hand. She gets a seed when she hears the word shalom, than she does a grasping gesture with her right leg and clenches toes. When she hears me giving the command “eagle”, she spreads both of her wings upwards and shows all the beauty of her arms, dark phosphorous blue and green… eh wings that is…. She turns left or right 360 degrees when shown to do so with the motion of the pointing finger. Having said all this, sometimes she is stubborn and that especially when visitors are home and we want to show off…. On the other hand, she speaks only a very few words, “come here” she says in context. She will not say it if she doesn’t mean it… She says: “I am Pips” but not everyone can understand what she says. She says hello and some other words that are not pronounced clearly. She doesn’t sing but she “talks” to me. I say something and she answers something… That can go on for a long time and takes place on my shoulder. I wish I could understand what she says… For years I am trying to teach her to say Pipsie, unfortunately it doesn’t work, she just refuses.
With the biting it is another story and I hope I won’t have to choose whom I keep of my two ladies. Well that was just a silly remark, but at times I am very frustrated.
Anyway dear Sandra, you are wonderful with devoting all that time to let me (and others) understand and learn from your experience.
I wish you and yours including of course your Zindor, all the very best I can think of. Thank you much! Uri

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