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Date:Tuesday April 10, 2007 3:49:26 pm MDT
Subject:plucking and bleeding
Message:I've had my Nanday for 3 years now and yesterday I came home and noticed he had been bleeding. I thought maybe he had hurt himself somehow. He isnt bleeding anymore but when i got home today his leg (which is plucked of his red boot now) has wound on it and it seems to be bothering him a lot. He keeps picking at it. I did call around to try to get him into a vet but they are all closed or closing. I cant get an appt until thursday. I'm going to take him into and exotic bird hospital as an emergency tomorrow. I know its going to cost more but what else can I do. I dont want to wait 2 more days when hes clearing uncomfortable. His attitude hasnt changed nor his feeding habits but it hurts me to watch him. Is there anything I can do in the mean time while i wait to get into a vet???

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