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Date:Sunday April 8, 2007 6:41:45 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Biting
Message:Sandra J wrote:
> Hi, Zi-glitterati.
> I'm happy you have taken this Nanday as your own. I agree with
> Bruce's recommendations. You must convince yourself you are not
> afraid of a his bites and project that confidence to him. Move your
> hands slowly, but firmly, when you are interacting with him and try
> not to startle him. If he reaches for you with his beak, don't assume
> automatically that it will result in a bite. Birds use a beak like an
> extra foot or hand. If you ask him to step up, he may use his beak to
> make sure your finger is stable before he steps up on it. If you are
> cleaning his cage or feeding him, make sure he is aware of what you
> are doing and talk to him while you are doing it. Give him the
> opportunity to come out of his cage before you do those things.
> >
> Dear Sandra J.
Some 40 minutes ago I posted re biting and now I came across your extended posting. I printed it out and Edith already read it twice. It is indeed very useful and we appreciate your sharing your experience with us. It will surely help us to overcome this serious problem. I felt that Pipsie feels rewarded when Edith becomes agitated while the bird is biting her. Oh boy, she bites her badly and minutes later kisses Edith. BTW personally I feel that clipping birds wings is not appropriate in any way, it seems to me it is like temporary amputating a man's legs (maybe I am not knowledgeable enough, but this is how I feel). Thanks again dear Sandra. Uri

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