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Date:Sunday April 8, 2007 5:58:51 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Biting
Message:Linda wrote:
> zi-glitterati, I'm sorry the worst possible advice you can get for
> biting is to take the two suggestions that were made to you of
> Putting this Nanday in its cage, and clipping its wings!
>     The issue with the nanday could be two fold.
> 1. This ten year old nanday could be hormonal and is "defending your
> daughter as mate.
> 2. the recent move your daughter made is frightening to him and it is
> "Fear based biting.
Hello Conure friends, hello zi-glitterati!
I have a similar problem with my Pipsie, a Nandaus Conure, and four years old. She was until 2 months ago the most loving compassionate bird. five weeks ago we left her, for the first time and went to our place in Florida. Pipsie stayed with a wonderful family who own twelve free flaying birds in their apartment. On coming back, the bird recognized us and we had a great get together. When back at our place Pipsie once again enjoyed her free flying and it seems that she well remembered every corner at our (her) place. Within a few days she started to attack my wife in a manner that could be described by a human as vicious. Edith was bleeding quite a lot as the result of these. Pipsie never did that before. My wife, after a few days, had lots of swellings all over especially around the head and neck. Edith is much insulted and even cries sometimes feeling humiliated.

It seems, at times, that the bird is as sweet as can be (with my wife) and then, out of the blue Edith is attacked. Sometimes the bird is launching at her like a spitfire. The first few times when that happened, it looked somewhat amusing and now it seems to be a real tragedy. The bird was always free flying and went to sleep in her bed in her huge cage she has, all by herself, now I have to put her in her cage in order to protect my wife during day time too or shut her in a room. All happens when I am home! My wife uses opportunities when I am not home, to talk softly to Pipsie and Pipsie behaves as she always did before our departure to Florida. Until this last trip, we used to take Pipsie with us to Florida at least once a year (Pipsie has a Canadian Pet Passport). You are not alone zi-glitterati.
Anybody's help is sooooooooooo very much appreciated!   Thanks, Uri

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