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Name:Lisa M.
Date:Saturday April 7, 2007 5:25:32 pm MDT
Subject:Update on Jack
Message:Hi Everyone! I read this board every day and am learning so much. A lot of it applies to Jack and I we are getting to know each other. ( I can't believe I've only had him for a few weeks!) Sandra you were right....after that first immediate flight out of his cage, Jack pretty much refuses to come out to play. He has come out a few times, but mostly only to hang on his cage. That is Ok though, I don't force him, I just leave his door open at least once a day. I learned from all of you to respect his cage space, so I don't try to pet him in there or do anything besides offer a treat, and he usually doesn't try to bite me in return. I now know not to react if he tries to bite, although I never yell at him. I did blow on him to get him to stop and it worked. He will let me "skritch" him through the bars of his cage and kisses my hands and rubs his head on them, but only through the safety of his bars....that one time was so sweet on my shoulder I can't wait until he feels safe enough to do it again! I am learning that he is very smart( twice I have watched him go to the floor of his cage, pick up food and bring it to his food dish and drop it in, like he knows it belongs there) He also has moods which are very clear but I can't always figure out what caused them. For instance he will be so sweet and friendly when he sees me some times, but other times I walk in the room and talk to him and he turns his back on me and fluffs his feathers in disgust when I try to communicate!
     I do have a couple of questions....should I cover him at night? I have been half covering his cage and I guess this works. The main reason I ask is because I will be going away for a week (planned way before I ever thought of getting Jack). I have reliable animal, although not bird, friends coming in to feed him and the cats and turtles and fish every day except one. He will be locked in a room with the aquatic animals away from the cats. Should I leave the cover half on his cage or leave it uncovered? Any other suggestions to help him get through the week? I figured it would be better than trying to move him temporarily again after all he has been through, but I hope he won't think he is being abandoned again.
     Secondly, he is getting somewhat used to the cats and dogs but still screams, particularly at the dogs. Do I ignore it and hope he will get used to them or try to calm and reassure him? Thanks for all the great advice! Lisa

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