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Name:Laughing Owl
Date:Wednesday April 4, 2007 10:29:44 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Biting
Message:Linda and I'm sure Sandra J. has so much more advise on this than me. Hootie loved my husband when we first rescued her. However, she seems much more attached to me and seems to try to defend me.

when folding laundry, if she doen't like it, she gives me a knock on the chest. Usually black items. or big items. Doesn't like people who wear black or leather, or fur. If someone who she previously cared for and showed good manners got bit. She may have been protecting her territory, our bedroom which is also hers. Bigger extension of the cage.

However, I worry all the time who will I leave her to when I cross?

She is a wild rescue and is difficult at best, but I love her to pieces and have had to give up or adjust my life for her. " I'm an herbalist, I make teas, soaps, baths, candles, etc. and scents are not good for my little chickie.

I do tell her no bite when she goes after my husband.

Sometimes she's fine with people, and sometimes she's not.

Hopefully, we'll get to acclimitize to each other and others.

I worry every day who will love her and tolerate her behavior and get to know her and try to understand her behavior. Just another test the Creator has sent our way.

Hope it's someone who trys to understand and love her like me.

Love, white light, and laughter, Laughing Owl

Linda wrote:
> zi-glitterati, I'm sorry the worst possible advice you can get for
> biting is to take the two suggestions that were made to you of
> Putting this Nanday in its cage, and clipping its wings!
>     The issue with the nanday could be two fold.
> 1. This ten year old nanday could be hormonal and is "defending your
> daughter as mate.
> 2. the recent move your daughter made is frightening to him and it is
> "Fear based biting.
> Just a little advice:
> 1. go back on this board- way back into the archives you will find
> many posts made by our experts, not me. and some links to websites
> that will help you understand what biting is all about.
> 2. Give the bird credit when credit is due by believing he
> understands the words, "No bite!" it actually can be effective.
> Remember a bird's beak is an equivalent of our mouths and it is their
> source of communication with us, and unfortunately it often does mean
> some biting.....
> I have also occassionally to sooth a biting bird, cuddled it. Now
> they rarely bite.
> Clipping wings: is an argument that just can't be won.
> However, I will say this: Clipping wings is for humans not birds!!
> birds by their very nature are wild, but our pet parrots are
> dependent upon us and it's unfair for us to expect them to 'behave
> like our human children.
> wrote:
> > My daughter recently moved and could not take her bird, a nanday
> > conure, with her. I am keeping the bird.   The bird is
> approximately
> > 10 years old. I love the bird and would like to let him out of his
> > cage to fly and get some exercise. He was free to fly around the
> > first few years and then he began to attack and bite! He took a
> bite
> > out of my face once, and I have been afraid of him since. He seems
> to
> > protect my daughter and doesn't bite her, but everyone else he
> attacks
> > and bites. Do you have any suggestions for me. I would appreciate
> any
> > help or info. Thanks, zi-glitterati

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