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Date:Tuesday April 3, 2007 6:30:46 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Feeding Dish in Cage
Message:Nanday Samir does not bite when I'm feeding/watering him in his cage, either.
Yet, I know NOT to go petting him while he's in his domain. As someone else mentioned, their cage is their castle, it's their "doghouse", it's their refuge to safety and security, and your hand petting him within this parameter of his violates his sense of safety and security.
Reach for him as you usually do, and have him step up, and THEN try petting him at the cage door...perhaps, you'll see a difference in his biting behavior.
What I do is I tell him to step up while I'm at the cage door, and he complies, and THEN I pet him when he has submitted to being on my hand and under my verbal control.

Lisa M. wrote:
> hand that he rubs and nibbles so sweetly
> between the bars or out of his cage will be attacked if I try to use
> it to touch him in his cage!

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