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Name:Lisa M.
Date:Tuesday April 3, 2007 5:51:10 am MDT
Subject:Re: Rufus
Message:Rebecca, I am a new bird mom too (see New to Birds posted about a week ago). The people on this board are awesome! I have learned so much and have come so far with Jack in only a week or so. Maybe you and I can trade stories! Good Luck! Lisa

rebecca wrote:
> Hello all i am new here at this site.
> and a new mom to a 11 year old Nanday.
> I just got him 3-31-07 from my cuz.
> My cuz was nice to Rufus when he frist got him then he got mean to
> Rufus and would hit him with a fly swatters!!!!! and pull his tail
> out.
> my cuz gave him to alot of people, but Rufus was never happy and they
> would give him back to my cuz.
> my aunt emailed me about Rufus and ask me if i would have him because
> she feared my cuz (age 38) would kill him.
> i told her i would love him!
> so we went down and got him...she said he wouldn't talk much any
> more.
> but he talked all the way home!
> and he loves it here!!
> we have three more birds and he loves talking to them.
> my aunt said he didn't like people,but he loves us and is very
> happy.
> i hope he grows to love it more.
> he is my frist Nanday so if any of you can share info about them
> please let me know.
> rebecca

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