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Date:Sunday April 1, 2007 12:33:33 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Rufus
Message:rebecca , it's important that you allow him to express his fears and anxieties even if it comes in the form of a powerful bite, and without any threat of being met with any punishment...
   No one should punish a bird in the first place.
Reassure him as often as he needs it, and cuddle time when he is ready for it is important also.

 I could write a very long post on this subject, but I'm not going to. It's just important that you understand that Rufus has issues and probably will for a very long time.
    As for your cousin, someone should have turned him in for cruelty to animals. and he never should have another, EVER!!!!

   I also think it would be wise to have RUfus examined by your avian vet to make sure your cousin didn't injure him in ways you can't see, like "internal.......

Along that line, to keep him from ever falling into the wrong hands ever again, make a will or a trust that will place Rufus in the best caring hands possible should something unexpected happen to you.

Birds coming out of a situation as Rufus has are not only grateful, but loving and fiercely loyal....

Give him a sckritch for us please.

Welcome to the Nanday board.

> Hello all i am new here at this site.
> and a new mom to a 11 year old Nanday.
> I just got him 3-31-07 from my cuz.
> My cuz was nice to Rufus when he frist got him then he got mean to
> Rufus and would hit him with a fly swatters!!!!! and pull his tail
> out.
> my cuz gave him to alot of people, but Rufus was never happy and they
> would give him back to my cuz.
> my aunt emailed me about Rufus and ask me if i would have him because
> she feared my cuz (age 38) would kill him.
> i told her i would love him!
> so we went down and got him...she said he wouldn't talk much any
> more.
> but he talked all the way home!
> and he loves it here!!
> we have three more birds and he loves talking to them.
> my aunt said he didn't like people,but he loves us and is very
> happy.
> i hope he grows to love it more.
> he is my frist Nanday so if any of you can share info about them
> please let me know.
> rebecca

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