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Date:Tuesday March 6, 2007 8:37:44 pm MST
Subject:Re: Always in The Mood
Message:Kit, no, not every bird is in the "mood," My Mz Twiggy just likes preening everybody, and socializing, but sadly Mz. Twiggy does not play. I came to the conclusion she's so dependent on humans that she wants to spend every waking hour with people, and of course the conures, but play, toys never get played with.

Anna loves the toys and will play with all of them. Loves guitar music and sometimes does a strange dance, but is a happy bird.

I think it depends on the bird really.

> I know this is a family site, but I need to ask, are all conures as
> always-in-the-mood as Banning is? She's doing a mating dance or
> cuddling up to my fleece vest it seems like almost every minute! Do
> they come out of this after their moult? I got her in October, and
> she's just gotten more and more single minded with every passing
> week. She doesn't play. She pleases herself several times a day. I
> love her and she's my good bird, but I'm kind of looking forward to
> the end of this! I'd appreciate your take on this. Kit

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