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Date:Tuesday March 6, 2007 4:53:44 pm MST
Subject:Re: loud squalking
Message:Linda wrote:
> PaulaEdwwina , I'm sorry, but this advice tends to "backfire," it's
> not so good for them. Whooping back, you will get it back. Make
> noise, and have fun doing it with them.
> If yoou look on the archives you will find that this issue has been
> addressed, and that it is to your advantage and the birds to make
> noise with them, spend that little quality time with them, and
> they'll settle down.
> Good luck.
Thanks for the feedback Linda. I was being somewhat facetious. I've only ever found myself whooping back at Artie once - and he was quite perplexed. Outside of the first week with understandable anxiety, he squawks a couple of times a day and when I come home, but immediately subsides when I let him out of his cage. In fairness I don't know how he does at home during the day.


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